It's all about recognition

not sales!

About us


When a friend tells you about a plumber who shows up on time and doesn't charge the earth, you listen.

Or, if that friend recommends a doctor or lawyer who gets results, you listen.

And that, my friend, is at the core of Sirkle, an independent agency which relies on your contacts and advice.

We believe word-of-mouth is worth something. And if you are a small business or sole proprietor, you already know the value of a customer who tells his friends about you. That's the beauty of “viva voce” or word-of-mouth, it is cost-effective, fast and at end, profitable.

That's why we started Sirkle. An agency devoted to small businesses who deserve recognition. And reward those who do the referring.


Simply put, you refer a business that deserves recognition. This can be your efficient plumber, your favorite local deli or that fantastic personal injury lawyer. And if that company registers with Sirkle, you get compensated*. Better yet, you can refer as many businesses as you like. Or in Sirkle terms—that you like!

We are serious about your business and individual's privacy. Our job is to protect you from spam, pop-up Ads, junk mail, paid or negative reviews, and most importantly, irrelevant posts.



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Why Sirkle?

At Sirkle, we believe that each small business has a network (circle) of friends and potential clients. What we've done is formalized this group and have made it easier and effective to offer your products and services. After all, a trusted recommendation from a friend is much better than a potentially biased reviewer.

What Makes Sirkle Unique?

Sirkle discourages negative feedback. After all, don't you trust a friend's experience more than a stranger's? If a person refers a business, it means that they believe in that business. Stop the anxiety of trawling through all those reviews! To upgrade to the “full Sirkle”, the prices are fair and affordable. One lead can quickly recoup your investment and develop long-term customer relationships. It is an exclusive and trusted SMALL business network. We are not aiming to Sirkle the world—at least not yet!

Case Study:

Sally Smith owns “Sally's Uptown Deli”. Her sister, Lily, wants to the world to know about Sally's fantastic sandwiches, brownies, and salad boxes.

Lily creates a Sirkle. She refers Sally's Uptown Deli. Her sister upgrades the business listing so she can send information and promotions to everyone in Lily's Sirkle.

In week one, she advertises a free salted caramel brownie with every sandwich order over $8—but she doesn't use traditional flyers which need writing, designing, and printing. Instead, she posts promotions in Lily's Sirkle. That week, sales increase by 30% and she has paid for the subscription to Sirkle for the year. And, she has a lot more than money in the bank. She has a new set of customers who she can add to her own Sirkle!



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Using Sirkle, you build your own exclusive network where you'll receive and share promotions from your favorite local small businesses. After all, don't you want to be the FIRST to know when that sale is going to start or if your local café needs a taster for their latest menu?

Within Sirkle, you interact with small businesses, usually local, who could also be your friends, family, or fellow business owners in your community. As an individual, Sirkle incentivizes you to grow your network by putting your favorite small business owners in your Sirkle. When your referred business is part of your Sirkle, depending on their occupation, you will be awarded with a gift card in up to $199 in value. Sirkle's exclusive small business network benefits each party involved.

Creating a Community:

As a member of Sirkle, you will drive traffic to grow and support your friends' and family's business webpages by sharing their promotions within your own Sirkle. This is by design as Sirkle's platform encourages people to support local businesses bringing, about a stronger sense of community. Individuals can refer any type of business to register on Sirkle. Create value by “Sirkling” an exclusive network of businesses built on trust and business satisfaction, and be rewarded for doing it!

Case Study:

Janet lives by herself in an old house. On a Sunday night, she faces a water leak. She desperately needs a plumber but has no idea where to start from. Online search engines suggest many, but she cannot trust them. Online reviews may be paid or advertised by big, expensive companies. She could call her 120+ friends for a referral, but that is literally impossible.

She uses Sirkle to search for a plumber and even sees which one of her friends referred him. The plumber turns out to be her mechanic's brother. She is able to get the mobile number and schedule him right away. She even uses a coupon from one of his promotions on Sirkle. Life is good again.

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